Volunteers are a vital part of La Soupe's mission to Rescue, Transform, and Share. Every time you volunteer, you will leave knowing that you have helped to provide 6,000 servings per week for our neighbors living in food insecurity. We use a volunteer management system called Food Rescue US. Whether you want to work in the kitchen or be a food runner, you will need to create a Food Rescue US account. Please click here to make a profile, see the volunteer schedule, and sign up for a run!

Since 2016, over 200 volunteers contributed 9,270+ hours of service to La Soupe.  We need volunteers every day to help keep our 60 share agencies fed. 

La Soupe is a citywide effort. Only by working together can we bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity. 

**Volunteers please print, sign, and bring a copy of our Volunteer Policy to your shift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What volunteer opportunities are there at La Soupe?

    • Food Runner – Pick up surplus food from our Food Donors (grocers, restaurants, etc.) and deliver it to La Soupe. Or, from La Soupe, deliver to our receiving agencies. Typically this will take an hour of your time.

    • Kitchen help – Come to La Soupe and help in various ways – sorting, cleaning, storing produce, chopping and light food prep, or ladle soupes, smoothies, or applesauce into containers.

    • Crockpot teacher – Meet at La Soupe and then go to the location to teach high school students basic cooking skills, how to read and modify a recipe, and produce/spice recognition.

    • Greater Cincinnati Point To Point Food Rescue - Pick up unused extra food from area restaurants and deliver to area agencies that serve the food insecure.

  • How do I sign up to be a food runner or Kitchen volunteer?

Register to become a food runner with Food Rescue US application. Once you have done this, simply choose a rescue or volunteer opportunity that works for you! Kitchen volunteers slots are labeled “La Soupe in-house Volunteer.”

  • How do I know if my car is large enough for the run I sign up for?

       Each run is assigned a Rescue Size under run details. Use the chart below for guidance

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 8.10.58 AM.png
  • What time do I get to La Soupe or to grocer?

The time listed in Pickup Window is the time to arrive for your pickup from a grocer or to La Soupe for your delivery to an agency.

  • How do I close my run?

Log on on to Food Rescue US and from your home page, click on “view open runs” from the top. Complete the information and click on “Post Details and Close Run” at the bottom of the screen.

  • What does “adopt” a run mean?

If you can commit to a particular run each week, adopt it so that you don’t have to keep signing up for it. If you can’t make a particular run, modify your schedule to cancel that occurrence.

  • How do I sign up to help in the La Soupe kitchen?

Log on to Food Rescue US and choose a rescue where you volunteer in the kitchen. The “run” will look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.45.52 PM.png

  • How do I sign up to help with Cincinnati Gives a Crock?

Email Carolyn Collette to discuss volunteering with Gives a Crock carolyn@lasoupecincinnati.com

  • Do I have to schedule a time to volunteer or can I just stop by when I’m free?

All volunteers are required to register online before their volunteer shift. After volunteers have created an on-line account they are able to select volunteer shifts. To create your volunteer account, please click here. http://www.foodrescue.us/

  • What if I can’t make my shift?

Log on to Food Rescue US and “un - claim” your run. If you have adopted the run, un - claim that occurrence. You must close all of your completed runs before you can modify your schedule. 

  • How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We welcome families to volunteer and trust you will supervise your youngsters. You must have a valid driver’s license if you plan to participate in rescuing or delivering food.

  • What should I wear to volunteer in the kitchen?

Your feet must be covered and your hair restrained. Please wear closed toed shoes and have a means of restraining your hair: hat, pony tail, or hair net are all good options.

  • Can I complete service hours mandated by a school, church, youth group, etc. at La Soupe?